Friday, 8 February 2008

Another Akshay Mewal Incident

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. This is what happened. Akshay Mewal vs some Rohan(pronounced 'Rohaan'). I don't know Rohan's full name; I had only seen him once before, a red coater who plays hockey. I was in the D block ground floor, with two guys when Rohan bursts in and people crowd around him, telling him 'finish someone off'. After that he runs away and a whole crowd follows him, with me included. The next time I see him(I was just following the crowd, not him), he was fighting with the Mewal in front of Blossoms block and Mewal was giving most of the hits. Well, all hits. Then Rohan takes off his blazer and runs away. Mewal tries to grab a hockey stick and go after him, but the guy with the stick refuses to give it to him, so he races after Rohan without the stick. After that, the crowd couldn't locate them and they go back to Blossoms block. I was going back to D block. The crowd was dispersing. I noticed two teachers in the crowd, maybe interrogating. I saw later in the day that Mewal was standing in the staff room outside the reps' office. I also saw Rohan getting a grilling session in the d block HM's office. I later learned the reason. They were fighting over a cigarette(no, not the way you might be thinking).Rohan had gone up to Mewal, given him a cig and told him to smoke it. Mewal had slapped him back and that's how it started. I was also told that Mewal got more badly beaten up, was beaten with a hockey stick, and had to go home that day before dispersal. Rohan was given susension. Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

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