Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Unsatisfied Valence

Once upon a time
I was triply bonded
But yet another atom
Still absconded

Should I choose out
Some ammoniacal nitrogen?
Or out of F,
CL, Br, I, a halogen?

But then wary of
Negative inductive effect,
Plain old hydrogen
Did I finally select

I was then introduced
To concentrated KMnO4,
Alas, my poor hydrogen
Was not so hardcore

(H is replaced by OH)

Exposed to sunlight,
I winced as hν,
weakened my bond,
and took my OH too

In my search of an electron,
I'd reached a crazy fever,
Because a free radical
Cannot last forever.

And then I spied a fluorine
(-I effect be damned)
If that there be a fluorine,
Then a fluorine I'll land.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Zorky poem

You'll be able to understand this poem if you've played Zork =/

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue"
Before you could say that,
You'd be eaten by a grue

In the land of Zork,
When commenting on flowers
Never go inside
Dark dungeons or towers

For it is in dark rooms
That a hungry grue
With slavering fangs will
Be waiting to devour you

"Where are the red roses now
Where are the violets blue?"
Alas, there are no flowers
In the stomach of a grue

Now the King of Zork
Flowers much hated
So he paid to have
All flowers eradicated

So the roses are wilting
And the violets are dead
Because flowers were hated
By Lord Dimwit Flathead

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Thursday, 16 April 2009

The more Calvin side of me is revealing itself

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Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Ruskin Bond school visit: disaster

He came to our school on Thursday, and I was one of The Five from my section selected to be at the ceremony. Almost the whole class wanted to be there (Though I doubt if most had even read any of his books. One of the Chosen Five asked me his genre.) Turned out that anyone could have turned up there, with or without permission, and that I would have been better off without attending it. The only period I missed was Physics, and I might have gotten an extra mark for the MT if I’d been present at the class and proven the law of conservation of momentum. Sniff. So, about the assembly, or ceremony or whatever it was – I’d hoped this would be for 9thies exclusively but found the OAT totally packed when I went there (Yes, out in he OAT in the middle of December). The western choir started rehearsing, and was still rehearsing by the time Dr. (Mrs.) Padmashree Shayama Chona followed by Ruskin Bond had come. Chona SIGNALLED us to stand up, in front of Ruskin Bond. After the choir, some students read out a short story, of Ruskin Bond himself, from the NCERT 9th lit reader, and also 3 of his poems. And then came the speeches. Chona first, as usual, “There are many children in Indiaw who do nawt comprehend English, so you might consider trawnslating your books. We at DPS have a very good faculty of English and Hindi teachers, and you might consider us.” Yes, she was ADVERTISING our schoolteachers. Though those weren’t the exact words, the content was the same. And there was also a lame joke about Ruskin Bond and James Bond. In his speech, Ruskin Bond declined all offers to get his books translated. And then came the Saini speech. Short, thankfully. We were now allowed to ask Ruskin Bond dumb Qs like, “What inspired you to start writing?”, “What was your first book?”, “Why do so many of your books have trains in them?”. When they ran out of Qs, Qs kept repeating. One even offered his condolences for his father and grandfather (the kid offered Ruskin Bond condolences for Ruskin Bond’s father and grandfather, not for his own). And he was something like 70 yrs old (Ruskin Bond, not the kid). Sigh. And all the while, the kids asking Qs got his autograph. After the Q session, there was the autograph session, by which time it was already break. And in the autograph session, we could get autographs only on his books, which were also released that day in our school, for as Chona said, “Nawbody with little bits of paypour can get his autograwph on them. You can only get autograwphs on his books.” She announced this loudly within hearing range of Ruskin Bond. And to think that those children who asked him Qs could get his autograph on sheets torn from copies, or even body parts.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Andamans, Day 1

This was the first day of the week long Andaman Islands trip. Flight time : The flight was at 3:45 AM. The only interesting thing during the flight was the view from the plane a little while before landing. All the individual islands could be seen separately, and even boats. When we descended, we could see the effects of the Tsunami still visible : in many places, the water had come inland and stayed there. The airport was very small. There were puddles near the runway.(some days before the trip, we received a call from the travel agent that there were going to be hurricanes and thunderstorms in the Andamans, and that if we went there, we might have been marooned there. We were about to cancel the trip). After landing, we made our way to Megapode Nest resort( megapode - bigfoot, the scientific name of an extinct bird found there). We caught up on sleep during the afternoon and then in evening, went to Corbyn's Cove beach and then to Cellular Jail. In the Cellular Jail, we saw only the light and sound show that day. It was about the history of the Cellular Jail.

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Friday, 8 February 2008

Another Akshay Mewal Incident

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. This is what happened. Akshay Mewal vs some Rohan(pronounced 'Rohaan'). I don't know Rohan's full name; I had only seen him once before, a red coater who plays hockey. I was in the D block ground floor, with two guys when Rohan bursts in and people crowd around him, telling him 'finish someone off'. After that he runs away and a whole crowd follows him, with me included. The next time I see him(I was just following the crowd, not him), he was fighting with the Mewal in front of Blossoms block and Mewal was giving most of the hits. Well, all hits. Then Rohan takes off his blazer and runs away. Mewal tries to grab a hockey stick and go after him, but the guy with the stick refuses to give it to him, so he races after Rohan without the stick. After that, the crowd couldn't locate them and they go back to Blossoms block. I was going back to D block. The crowd was dispersing. I noticed two teachers in the crowd, maybe interrogating. I saw later in the day that Mewal was standing in the staff room outside the reps' office. I also saw Rohan getting a grilling session in the d block HM's office. I later learned the reason. They were fighting over a cigarette(no, not the way you might be thinking).Rohan had gone up to Mewal, given him a cig and told him to smoke it. Mewal had slapped him back and that's how it started. I was also told that Mewal got more badly beaten up, was beaten with a hockey stick, and had to go home that day before dispersal. Rohan was given susension. Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

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Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Our English English Teacher

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. We have a Brit guy teaching us English now. > > > > > He teaches OK but kuch zyada hi detail mein. Like, he's been teaching us the use of in, at and on for 2 days. He gets too practical while teaching, "And 'on' is used when you are.............on something." He goes on to demonstrate that by climbing onto the table and saying that he is 'on' the table. And he says 'yeah' after every word, "So you got that, yeah? Yeah yeah, yeah? Complete the homework, yeah? yeah? yeah." And he was lecturing us about racism. This banda could not answer a question and when he was asked his name, another banda said, "We call him blackie." This launched a lecture from him, "Look, I can take jokes, but not racism. It is an extremely bad thing." Bada cartoon banda hai. Roz same kapde pahan ke ata hai. Light blue shirt with light brown trousers. Today he started shouting in class, and sab uska katne lag gaye. >

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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The Akshay Mewal Incident(I'm writing this extremely boring event because of lack of interesting things to write about.)

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. You can't be a Dipsite(as in, DPS RKP) and say,"who?" I have heard tales (make that ballads) about him living up to his name. This happened on Thursday(4th Oct), when so few people were present that we had combined classes.8th A-F in 1 classroom.This banda had got football to class. At break, 7-8 of us went to play one-touch in the Assembly grounds, when this banda leaned over from the football field fence and asked for the ball. After inspecting it closely, he said, "Accha ball hai. Rakh leta hoon." I had heard about him, but never seen him before. I only got to know his name when people started saying, "Mewal yaar please de dena." He challenged us to a fight for the ball, him with his 2 chums Vs all of us, but later settled for Rs 50 from each of us. What I got to know about him ffrom this incident was that he wasn't a good bargainer. We finally bargained it down to 1 bottle of coke. He kicked the ball straight out and it dented the roof of a canteen cart.

Friday, 21 September 2007


Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. I am writing this blog only because there is more text in the comments section than the blog entries, and, errrrrr.... that is not what a blog is supposed to be like. There is absolutely nothing to write about except the oncoming exams and that also is not written about in a blog. Going to school is not helping either because, as the title of my first blog suggests, my class is totally D.R.O.L.L. and I don't get much material for writing a blog. School is the main source of material for many bloggers but net surfing could give me more material for a blog than going to school because of the boring class of mine. P.S. You blogreaders are supposed to click the Google ads !!!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Teachers Day Assembly : Failure

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. Teachers Day. WoW. Let's celebr8. > > > > > > > > A lot happened on teachers day.There was an assembly, and as the title suggests, it was a total failure. Okay, maybe not total, but mostly because even if the ppl were going ooh and aah over the dancers(yeah, the dancers, not the dance), the majority of the time we were not even bothering to listen to the comperers and instead trying to make the whole gathering as unruly as possible. It couldn't have gotten more boring than that. We had no studies, which kind of neutralized the dead boring assembly but l8er at class V were playing antakshari and dumb charades for more than 5 periods so all in all the day was better than most days