Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Our English English Teacher

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. We have a Brit guy teaching us English now. > > > > > He teaches OK but kuch zyada hi detail mein. Like, he's been teaching us the use of in, at and on for 2 days. He gets too practical while teaching, "And 'on' is used when you are.............on something." He goes on to demonstrate that by climbing onto the table and saying that he is 'on' the table. And he says 'yeah' after every word, "So you got that, yeah? Yeah yeah, yeah? Complete the homework, yeah? yeah? yeah." And he was lecturing us about racism. This banda could not answer a question and when he was asked his name, another banda said, "We call him blackie." This launched a lecture from him, "Look, I can take jokes, but not racism. It is an extremely bad thing." Bada cartoon banda hai. Roz same kapde pahan ke ata hai. Light blue shirt with light brown trousers. Today he started shouting in class, and sab uska katne lag gaye. >

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