Wednesday, 3 October 2007

The Akshay Mewal Incident(I'm writing this extremely boring event because of lack of interesting things to write about.)

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly. You can't be a Dipsite(as in, DPS RKP) and say,"who?" I have heard tales (make that ballads) about him living up to his name. This happened on Thursday(4th Oct), when so few people were present that we had combined classes.8th A-F in 1 classroom.This banda had got football to class. At break, 7-8 of us went to play one-touch in the Assembly grounds, when this banda leaned over from the football field fence and asked for the ball. After inspecting it closely, he said, "Accha ball hai. Rakh leta hoon." I had heard about him, but never seen him before. I only got to know his name when people started saying, "Mewal yaar please de dena." He challenged us to a fight for the ball, him with his 2 chums Vs all of us, but later settled for Rs 50 from each of us. What I got to know about him ffrom this incident was that he wasn't a good bargainer. We finally bargained it down to 1 bottle of coke. He kicked the ball straight out and it dented the roof of a canteen cart.